What To Do Immediately Your Wordpress Blog Goes Live

What To Do Immediately Your WordPress Blog Goes Live

What To Do Immediately Your WordPress Blog Goes Live. If you’re a beginner blogger and you just hosted your site but do not know what next to do then this post is for you.

First things you do on your blog sometimes affect your site in future but can still be fixed.

I want you to follow this post step by step till you’ve known everything you ought to know.

I had received so many questions from people asking me what to do next now they’ve hosted their site so I decided to put it down to writing for everyone to see.

Doing the first things on your blog also depends on your niche, there is more to be done on a music download niche than an ordinary article or content marketing niche.

.Delete the WordPress sample post

The first wordpress post you’ll see on your blog is nothing other than a sample post.

That post is a welcome post which tells you that your site has gone live.

That post appears on every wordpress blog so all you have to do is to delete it.

.Fill your contact, about and privacy policy page

Immediately your blog goes live, try as much as possible to fill your contact, about and privacy policy page because it helps search engines and your visitors to know what your site is all about.

Some people tend to forget the aforementioned because they concentrate more on publishing posts.

When I started this blog, it took me almost two months before I filled in my contact information.

Secondly, for someone who wants to monetize his/her site with Adsense, try as much as possible to do this because Adsense won’t approve a site that has no contact page, about and privacy policy page.

About: This page will tell your visitors what your blog is all about or why you created your blog.

Contact page: This page will make it possible for your visitors to contact you if need be.

Privacy policy page: This page will make your users understand how their data is being used.

.Select a theme of your choice

Themes are the beauty of every site.

There are free wordpress themes and paid themes, you can go for free themes if you don’t have money for paid themes.

Some free wordpress themes I know are theme Twenty Twenty and theme Twenty Twenty One.

Always bear in mind that whenever you’re choosing a theme you should choose a theme that will be easy to navigate and a theme which search engines like Google will understand.

Also choose a theme that suits your blog, a theme for a music and news niche is different from a video niche.

See image below;

.Install the jetpack or monster insights plugin

So far, jetpack and monster insights plugins are the best a beginner blogger can use and understand.

These plugins helps you to know how much traffic you get in a day,

The jetpack plugin can speed up your website and show you how much traffic you’ve received.

The monster insights plugin is a nice plugin as it can update you on seo strategies and traffic analytics.

The monster insights plugin can also show you countries from where you receive your daily traffic.

A blogger should have at least one analytics plugin.

If you can use both plugins then there is no problem but bear in mind that both plugins can harm the smooth running of your site if they conflict.

These analytics plugins also show you how users use your site whether with mobile phones or laptops and also how you receive new visitors.

Both plugins will also show you your top referring sites like when you use Facebook to drive traffic to your blog and when you also receive traffic from Google.

.Install a seo plugin

SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

A seo plugin won’t guarantee your sites traffic, all a seo plugin will do is to optimize your posts so that it can be understood by search engines.

All wordpress blogs should have a seo plugin and always pay attention to your seo plugin so that you can get the best out of your blog.

The best seo plugins so far are Yoast seo plugin and Rankmath plugin.

These plugins will help you create and submit your sitemaps to search engines for quick indexing.

Seo plugins will help you create perfect meta descriptions for each post.

.Submit your sitemaps to search engines

Submitting sitemaps can make Google crawl and index your site quickly.

Yoast seo and Rankmath plugins will help you create a sitemap.

You can submit your sitemaps to Google and Bing search engines.

Go to your WordPress dashboard, click on Seo, click on features and the see picture below;

Click on see the XML sitemap and then copy the XML sitemap you see and paste it in your Google sesrch console.

Go to your Google search console, click on sitemap and then copy those sitemaps Yoast generated for you and paste them in the box and click submit, see image below;

.Publish your first post

What makes a blog are posts you have on them, if you don’t have a post then you have nothing.

Before you publish your first post make sure you’ve installed the Yoast seo plugin because it will help you optimize your post for search engines like Google and Bing.

Bear in mind that before hosting your site you should have at least two or three posts already written so that you can post them immediately.

Then create a posting schedule and do well to follow it up the best way you can.

Also make sure you publish your first post and subsequent ones with images and you can get images from buffer Pablo.

To do this, login to your WordPress dashbboard and click on new see image below;

.Install and activate the w3 total cache plugin

This will make your website load fast and you can avoid bounce rate, Google won’t rank a site with a slow loading page speed and it could also lead to low traffic.

This plugin is not all about just installing, whenever you install you should also activate and set it up.

After installing, use Ubersuggest or Google page speed insights to check your site’s speed.

You really need your website to load quickly in order to give your user’s the best experience.

.Install the updraftplus plugin

When you’re done with all you’ve just read then you have to install the updraftplus plugin in order to backup and save your site so that you can retrieve everything you’ve done when something goes wrong.


All I have listed are the important things you should do once your site goes live.

Like I stated earlier, your site’s future depends partly on how you start your blog. You should bear this in mind.

When using the w3 total cache plugin you should ask the Yoast seo team for them to show you the best way to use the plugin.

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