Top Best Plugins to Use on Your Wordpress Blog

Top Best Plugins to Use on Your WordPress Blog

Top Best Plugins to Use on Your WordPress Blog. There are thousands of plugins out there for the smooth running of your website but you don’t need all, you just need the best ones relevant to your niche.

I have been blogging for some time now so I’ve used lots of plugins and not all will give you the satisfaction you want.

Some other blogging platforms might not need plugins.

These plugins will make you manage your site the way you want and be in control.

Plugins on a site depends on what the site is all about so be properly guided.

Using the wrong plugins too can crash your site.

Using two plugins that does same work can also disrupt the smooth running of your site.

In this article I will make a list of plugins you need if you’re a writer and new to wordpress.

Akismet Anti-spam

This plugin will automatically be installed on your wordpress blog, all you just have to do is to activate it.

Akismet filters spam comments. Akismet caught 83 billion spam comments as of June 14, 2013.

This plugin doesn’t just term a comment spam but if it has noticed such spammy comments in the past then it will learn and now term such comments as spam.

Akismet is a must have on every wordpress blog and personal and commercial.

Spammy comments won’t even land on your moderation view as pending because Akismet will clear them immediately it notices it.

It has a free version and also a paid version.

Akismet is not perfect but it is the best out there.


This plugin is the best wordpress analytics plugin so far as it has many features and gives real statistics.

Mikecollinsblog uses Jetpack too and it works well with Akismet.

Jetpack can improve your sites loading time when activated and you know site speed matters for seo.

This plugin offers protection from bruce force attacks and also has social sharing buttons which your users can use to share your content on social media networks and drive more traffic to your blog.

Jetpack has free and paid premium plans,

It gives an analysis of your top referring sites and traffic gotten from search engines like Google, Duckduckgo and Bing.

W3 total cache

It helps in seo and website load speed and also provides transparent CDN for your site.

Site speed is necessary for every website because it can increase conversions and traffic.

This plugin offers caching of the entire website and it gives room for setting it up so you can use it the way you want.

Yoast seo

I won’t emphasize much on this plugin because I have an article on why you should use Yoast.

Every website needs a seo plugin because it will help optimize your post and get them ready for search engines by providing meta descriptions and so on.

Contact form 7

Every website should have a contact form where users can contact the admin.

If you plan on monetizing your website with Adsense then this is very necessary.

This plugin is very easy to use and is also free.

According to the contact form 7 makers, you can make donations if you enjoy using the plugin so that it can be developed more.

It works well with Akismet and its captcha can also be setup to avoid spam signups.

You can customize it the way you want although it’s free.

Easy table of contents

This plugin makes your article organized and arranged in the sense that users can navigate the way they want.

Google also takes note of website with table of contents although it is not a ranking factor.

This plugin will give you option on how you want your article headings outlined and how you want users to use it.

A user can click on a heading he or she finds attractive and jump next to it without scrolling through the whole page.

Redirection (301 and 404 errors)

What is a redirect?

A redirect is a process of telling your users that a page’s link has been changed to a new location or a way of telling your users to visit  here and not here.

Whenever you visit a broken link it says 404 page not found then all you have  to do is to use a  redirection plugin to redirect users to the new page.

This plugin will help you find and fix broken link on your site by redirecting them to the appropriate link.

Broken links such as soft 404s can affect your rankings on google.                                                                  

Duplicate content cure

Nothing much to say about this plugin, it will just help you avoid internal duplicate contents on your site.

Internal duplicate contents at times are not created knowingly.

If you want to get your site approved by Adsense then yu really need to avoid duplicate contents.

There are external and internal duplicate contents

External duplicate contents are contents that appear on your site and on another site.

Internal duplicate contents are contents that appear within your site.

Most of these duplicate contents plugin have copyright infringe forms which you can use a send a notice to the infringing website.

These plugins too when setup well will notify once your content has been copied by another website.


This plugin helps you optimize your images for seo without the image losing quality.

Images can slow down our websites and this is very harmful to your seo and also ranking.

With this plugin you can optimize your images both old and new on a go.

For beginners, this is the ideal plugin to use as it can be easily understood.


This plugin helps visitors subscribe to your blog and receive newsletters.

Sending newsletters to your visitors is a good way to improve your traffic and generate more sales.

With this plugin, you can create your newsletter template the way you want it.


This plugin helps you backup your wordpress blog and retrieve your data if anything goes wrong on your blog.

Do well to backup your blog on regular basis in order not to lose files.

The goodnews is that this plugin has a free plan.


All this plugins are useful to the wellbeing of your site and seo but do not use to many plugins on your blog because it can affect your site’s health and speed.

Do not also use two plugins that does the same work as the might conflict at anytime and disrupt the smooth running of your site.

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