Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging

Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging

Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging. I guess you want to start a blog so you’ve decided to know the pros and cons before venturing into it.

Visiting this page is not a mistake as many full-time and well known bloggers did the same.

As we all know, anything that has advantages also has disadvantages, but the most important is for the advantage to be greater than the disadvantage.

After reading this post, it will clear your doubts and let you know what you ought to know because I won’t leave any stone unturned.

Advantages of blogging

You write what you like

No one tells you what to publish on your blog, you write what you like and manage it the way you want.

No wan will tell you to write about animals when your passion is fashion.

Make money

I started with making money because most bloggers blog with the sole aim of making extra income.

Blogging is a work that will pay handsomely if you follow the Google publisher’s guidelines and obey all the blogging rules which are:

i)                  Quality contents

ii)               No scraped, plagiarized or duplicate contents

iii)            Copyright license

iv)            No manipulation of search engines

v)               Posting regularly

There are so many ways to make money blogging and the first beginner bloggers consider is through Ad networks and the best is Adsense.

You make money blogging depending on the amount of time you’re willing to invest.

Full-time bloggers make more money than part-time bloggers because they are always publishing articles and minding their seo.

But on every type of blog, making money depends on traffic.

Traffic means visitors or viewers to your website.

Self employed and your own boss

If you start a blog and run it yourself then you’re a boss because no one will control you on how to manage the blog.

Instead, some bloggers employ people as their blogs grow and pay them.

Our societies today lack job opportunities but with blogging you can get employed and make money so you don’t have to rely on people for financial aid.

My income increased as my blog grew old and as I got more blogging experience.

Flexible income

Bloggers income increases as time goes on.

A blogger earning $100 dollars in his first blogging year might start earning up to $400 dollars in his second year and that is progress.

Bloggers do not have stagnant yearly income unlike other businesses that you’re told how much you’ll be paid.

To cut it short, no one determines your income rate.

You can never earn the same amount on your blog for 4 years unless you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do to make your blog grow.

Your income will definitely grow as your blog grows old.

Own a business or brand

As a blogger, you own a business and brand and this brand can speak or represent you anywhere in the world.

If your brand turns out to be well known, you can be called upon by a company to become an affiliate or advertise their products.

Achieving this is possible but not easy.

Does not require qualifications

In as much as  you can read and write, you qualify to be a blogger.

Some works require qualifications before you can be approved and these qualifications may involve school certificates, age, gender, level of experience so on.

As a blogger, if you can write but cannot write perfectly then you can use Google Docs or Microsoft word to edit your article before publishing.

I can testify to this, I had no blogging certificate before I started blogging.

Creates online exposure

Your blog will help create an online presence for you on platforms like Medium, Pinterest and Quora.

You can also create profiles by guest posting on other blogs related to your niche.

Make new friends around the world

It will help you make new friends both blogger and non blogger friends.

People who read your blog posts can turn out to be your friends and you can get closer to them on social media channels.

As a blogger, you’re likely to have international visitors and friends from other neighboring countries.

Help you publish a book

If you think further as a blogger you can also publish a book. All you have to do is to select your best articles, edit them and then make them happy.

After publishing your book, you can go on to sell them and make extra money.

Blogs can be a lifetime investment

So many people blog full-time for a living, blogs can even be passed for generations to generations it all depends on how you want your blog to be.

Become an experienced writer

It will help you become a very good writer and your writing skills will not only help you as a blogger but in other aspects of life.

You can also get paid while writing articles for others.

Become influential

You will become influential and people will look up to you for advice.

You will also become an authority in your field. Among your peers, when they notice you’re a blogger, they’ll listen to you whenever you speak.

Touching lives and helping others grow

This depends what your niche is all about, if your niche is all about finance, relationships or other live touching topics then you will help your readers grow too.

Disadvantages of Blogging

No fixed income

As a blogger, your income will be flexible depending on your traffic. Sometimes you get high income and sometimes low income.

Whenever you don’t have ads, affiliate marketing or other sources of earning on your blog then you won’t make money.


This is a major disadvantage of blogging and it comes into play if you don’t have other blogger friends that you can share ideas with.

It’s advice-able that as a blogger you should meet with other people and share experiences.

Meeting other bloggers can help motivate you.

You’re always alone typing and making research in order to produce the best write up.

Requires Extra work

Although in life, all works need extra efforts for you to make the best out of it and that’s the same with blogging.

It needs a lot of work in the sense that you have to publish articles consistently and also keep an eye on your seo (search engine optimization).

Blog monetization is not the last step, even after monetizing your blog you still need to drive traffic so that you can make the best income.

For bloggers, there is no free time.

Doubting yourself

This has ruined so many blogs. Bloggers do not doubt themselves knowingly but the question they’ll always ask is if they’re wasting their time or whether their blog will pay.

As a blogger, follow the normal blog procedures and never doubt yourself, your blog may not pay immediately but one thing is for sure, your blog must pay.

No insurance

As a blogger, you’re on your own, you don’t work for anybody so no insurance will cover you.

You are bound to source for yourself in all ramifications.

Economic condition

The truth is that if you’ve  not started making money blogging, you might be facing some economical challenges and that’s a big problem.

As a blogger you need to be focused for at least six months with steady publishing of new articles.


As a blogger, you need self discipline if not you’ll find it difficult.

I mean self discipline in the sense that you’ll be someone who can sit at a place for sometime in order to write and publish, you should also be someone who can make research in order to give your readers the best, you should be someone who is patient because blogging requires a gradual earning process.

Finding a good topic to write about

Although you have and know your niche but sometimes finding a good topic to write about might be a problem.

You need to bring in new ideas and even if you write on old topics, you need to have a different approach in order to beat your competitors.

Sometimes lack of topics can make someone derail and that’s not good for your seo.

No shortcuts

Here, everything is done accordingly and there is no shortcut.

Cutting corners as a blogger will lead to Google demoting your blog and you don’t need such.

Look for your own readers

After writing whatever you want, you still have to go look for readers or do a perfect seo for Google to rank your blog and drive traffic to it.

Owning and publishing posts does not guarantee readers.

In order to find readers, just be active on social media channels.

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