Top 9 social media sites that matter in 2021 for marketing.

Top 9 social media sites that matter in 2021 for marketing

Top 9 social media sites that matter in 2021 for marketing. Before discussing the main topic, we will take a brief look at social media.

I see social media as a community where you can share ideas with people and also explore the world in the comfort of your home. For business promotions, marketing and show offs, use social media.

There were no much deal about social media in the 1980’s. Social media started coming to limelight in the 1990’s till date. As of then, businesses were not commonly marketed online. You can only market your business in the society where you belonged to the extent that people from other countries or parts of the world may never know about such businesses.

But today in the 21st century, social media sites have come to stay and this is why i decided to write on the topic “top 9 social media sites that matter in 2021 for marketing”. Social media has so many advantages e.g. some use it for marketing, some use it for fashion, some use it to communicate with friends, some use it to pass information, some use it to boast and show off their wealthy lifestyles, some use it to relate with the less privileged in the society, while some use it as a means of livelihood.

Social media has affected the lives of almost every individual in the world. Facebook is the most popular and used social media network and it was created by Mark Zuckerberg on February 2004, Cambridge Massachusetts in the United States of America.

Before Facebook became the most popular social media site, there were other social media networks e.g. Yahoo which was founded on January 1994, Sunnyvale California, United States.

Facebook became the most popular because it was easy to understand and you could find friends around your locality, it was also Java friendly. Everyone wanted to have a Facebook account.

But today I won’t only teach you how to market or promote your contents on Facebook; I will also teach you how to do so on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube Whatsapp, Reddit, Quora, Tumblr and so on.

Social media is critical so you have to be careful and active. Another factor you have to consider is which social media site you should create your business or individual account on.

After reading this article, you will know the best social media site for your business and audience.

But if you want to use social media as a marketing channel, things may get confusing and might not be easy.

That is because, social media is not only about Facebook, and you also have to find out other social media sites to join.

After that, you need to understand each social media site you created an account with and figure out the best posting time and how to make your post get across millions of people.

Once you create a social media account for your business, you should be able to answer these questions.

How can I locate my audience?

Where can I locate an active audience?

Which media sites are my audience searching?

Which social media network should I join?

How can I locate my audience on social media?

The main question to ask is how you can locate your audience. You can’t just conclude that so many audience means you have active followers.

As of January 2019, it was said that 50% of Facebook accounts were fake. Fake followers do not do much for your actual marketing, so do not buy fake followers.

Where can I locate an active audience?

Social media networks having a lot of users don’t mean that all users are active. Example Facebook has 2.60 billion monthly active users (Facebook, 2020) but only 1.73 billion users are daily active users.

Twitter also has a lot of members but not all members are active. Twitter has 330 million monthly active users but not all are active.

Bear in mind that for a follower to be useful to you, that follower ought to be active.

Which media sites are my audience searching?

People do not use social media sites only for socializing, but they also use it for searching.

People conduct daily searches on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so if you are an active user, you have a 100% chance of appearing on social media search results.

Which social media network should I join?

Join media sites around your locality and media sites used all over the world. E.g. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So many people get a lot of sales, visitors and views from joining popular sites.

Recommended social media sites to join

Now I will recommend some sites for you to join, no matter how you business is, just join, create an account and do as I will state here.


Facebook_2.60 billion monthly users. Facebook is a platform where your business can reach a large audience, I joined Facebook so many years ago and as I grew, I realized that Facebook is adapting to the current needs of the society. What I mean is that there are different apps for different phones which makes it possible for anyone with a mobile phone to download and use.

Groups and pages make up Facebook aside personal chats with people. I advise you to join groups and pages with large number of people and contribute to their discussions then tell people about your products and how it works.


Members see all comments and posts on Twitter. Some countries and their agencies use Twitter as a handle to pass messages across to their people, think about the Corona Virus and the stay at home measures. Some businesses also use this platform to provide customer care services.

On October 2021 when Nigeria had an Endsars protest, the international community through the help of Twitter noticed what the country was facing and notable celebrities across the world also used Twitter to send messages asking the Nigerian government to Endsars. It was hashtagEndsars on Twitter and other social media channels (#ENDSARS). You will also know the real accounts of celebrities and big industries on Twitter with the verification sign on them.


Instagram is also a good way to promote your business. Mostly, people on Instagram just come to show off. Instagram is a large community and the trending businesses on Instagram are Fashion, cars, food, music, dance, news and so on. Users on Instagram spend a lot of time watching images and videos that are beautiful and catchy.

Mark Zuckerberg created Instagram on 6th October 2010. So I advice you make a video of your products and also post them on Instagram. Instagram has an automatic video playing mode.


Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric ly and Jean-Luc are the owners of Linkedin and they launched Linkedin in 2013

So many people out there underestimate linkedin but here is the secret. Linkedin gets thousands of new signups everyday and weekly, Linkedin is the platform for B2B marketing. High school teenagers and youths do not normally use Linkedin because it is meant for professionals and also meant for some companies willing to find new employees. Linkedin for dummies and 7 tips on how to use LinkedIn for beginners will tell you more about the social network.

So someone can just sign up on this platform to look for a job and boom he or she comes across yours, now that’s the power of linkedin.

On Linkedin, you can also find and see good professionals that are willing to guide you.


Youtube_1.9 billion users. YouTube is a video watching site, it’s the most popular and best video channel. People log in every second to watch videos and people also earn from YouTube. Create a video of your products and advertise them on YouTube. Promote your YouTube business account. Imagine your YouTube account gets 1 million views on every uploaded video then you are sure of getting chats, customers and sales. YouTube is easy to use as it is all about videos.


WhatsApp is very easy to use and it is just by updating your Whatsapp business status daily. Share your business numbers on all your platforms and let people get close to you. Whatsapp has made it easy by creating a Whatsapp business for people like you and me to use in other to advertise our products and reach out to people.

Whatsapp works with numbers and viewing of statuses. A good interesting feature of Whatsapp is that it eliminates text messaging fees. Before the creation of Whatsapp, people send direct messages and that costs them. On Whatsapp, you can get your friends closer and also create a group chat where you keep your friends up to date on your business.

There is also room for voice calls on Whatsapp which makes it easier to consume less airtime by calling your friend through a Whatsapp call. On Whatsapp, there is also room for video call, voice recording and sending of text messages. Whatsapp passed the 100 million voice calls just on October 2020.


Can Reddit be used for marketing? Reddit is a discussion website, simply put it’s a forum website and can be used for marketing. So do you know how reddit can promote your business?

Come to think of it, you register on reddit and post your products; registered people will also get to see your posts and might start commenting. Through discussions with people all around the world, your product will come across so many people.

On reddit, be active, talk about other people’s products too and always showcase yours, share links and images.

On reddit, people also post their news sites, YouTube links and so on. Over the years reddit has not just been a social network but it has also turned into a community as people log in to hear about businesses and involve in discussions to know the right business to choose. Reddit is worth it.


Quora is about two things questions and answers. If you are confused on any topic or business at all, login to Quora and ask other users some questions, there will always be someone to give you an answer as regards the question you asked. So for you who wish to promote your products always be active and answer questions relating to your products. By doing so, you will get across a large audience.

Alexa ranked Quora 357 and it is mostly visited by people in the United States.

Quora just like reddit, it also has an app and can be used directly on your mobile phone just like other social networks.


For online marketing, Tumblr is a great site. Many people disregard this particular social media platform but after reading about it, you’ll see reasons to use it.

Many companies and brands now know the power Tumblr possesses and are now using it relentlessly to market their products. On Tumblr you can customize your accounts the way you want, there are also free themes that you can use. Unlike other media platforms, you can customize your Tumblr account and use it to suite your purpose. Make daily posts on Tumblr and also post images of your brand.


For you to watchout for your business, follow the steps as I outlined. Social media will keep on being the best online marketing platform especially Facebook. As you create accounts on all those listed social media platforms, you will see how your business will grow to greater heights.

Essential social media sites for online marketing are;










Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

what is the most popular social media site?

Facebook is the most popular and biggest social media site in the world, with more than 2.23 billion users.
In February 2004, Cambridge Massachusetts, United States. There are over 50 million groups, pages and companies on Facebook.
Facebook released it’s app in 2010. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. These people were students at Harvard University. The first face on Facebook was Al Pacino’s face. Facebook became popular in 2009 when it hit 350 million users and 132 million unique monthly users.

what company has the best social media presence?

Mercedes Benz: Mercedes Benz is a car company and they construct expensive, luxury,sporting and commercial vehicles.
Mercedes Benz had 29.8 million followers on Instagram as of November 17 2020.

Adidas: Adidas deals on anything concerning sports. Adidas produce jerseys, footballs, boots, trainers boots and running boots.
This company had 25.9 million followers on Instagram as of November 17 2020.

Gucci: Gucci deals on fashion, it deals on everything concerning clothes, shoes, hats and jewelries.
Gucci had 41.6 million followers on Instagram as of November 17 2020.

Versace: Versace too just like Gucci deals on Fashion and design.
Versace had 22.2 million followers on Instagram as of November 17 2020.

Android: Android deals on mobile phones. Android had 959k followers on Instagram as of November 17 2020.

Apple: Apple deals on mobile phones too, Apple had 24.7 million followers on Instagram as of November 17 2020.

Samsung: Samsung deals on mobile phones too. Samsung had 264k followers on Instagram as of November 17 2020.

Rolex: Rolex deals on watch. Rolex had 11.2 million followers on Instagram as of November 17 2020.

what are the top 10 social media apps?


what is the best way to use social media for marketing?

1. Create engaging and catchy contents.
2. Make videos of your products.
3. Advertise your products or brand.
4. Know your target audience.
5. Join popular media sites and post regularly.

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