Proven Ways To Avoid Google Ranking Demotion

Proven Ways To Avoid Google Ranking Demotion

Proven Ways To Avoid Google Ranking Demotion.

You’re lucky to come across this page because I will share with you my experience on how to avoid Google demotion as a blogger.

Google demotion is what every blogger might come across. What will you do when your site gets demoted? thats’s the question.

When I started blogging, I was carefree about how Google works.

I thought blogging was all about writing posts and publishing them and I believe you thought so as someone who was new to blogging as well.

You and I know that blogging can serve as your part-time or full-time work depending on how serious you take it.

Someone making 7 figures in a year on his blog is different from someone making 5 figures a year.

The amount of money you make on your blog depends on how active you are and your commitment.

I will state and explain below how to avoid Google demotion on your website as it is capable of ruining your site.

What I’m about to share with you is a life experience and I wish you will take it seriously.

When I created my first blog, my traffic within 4 months was wonderful. On my blog, I was getting up to 17,000 unique page views everyday and my blog was a music download niche, so I relaxed.

I thought blogging was that easy until I noticed a reduction in my traffic. My traffic fell drastically, it fell from 17,000 to 200 page views every day.

I started making enquiries to know why my traffic fell, then as a blogger I finally sat up lol.

What is Google Demotion

Google demotion can also be called Google penalty.

Google demotion or penalty occurs when Google punishes your site for violating their webmaster guidelines.

Webmaster guidelines are rules drafted by Google in other to make sure the web is good for both users and publishers.

This demotion at times comes to your notice as your traffic falls or your page not being found on Google search.

How can copyright infringement cause Google to demote your site? Anytime you receive a takedown notice, Google will notice because most times, these notices are sent through

If you keep on receiving takedown notices without taking off copyrighted materials, Google will then have no other option than to demote your site and remove it from their search results.

How to Avoid Google Ranking Demotion

If you take 2mins of your time you will read, learn and understand how to avoid Google demotion. Please avoid being demoted, Google demotion is a nightmare to publishers.

Let me first explain what can happen to your site if it gets demoted.

If your site gets demoted, it means that your site won’t appear on Google search and you will lose traffic.

Now if you want to avoid Google demotion, you must not do the following.

  1. Do not use pop-up ads or interstitials:

Google gave a notice that websites with pop-up ads and interstitials for monetization will be penalized.

Google also made publishers understand that it will rank such websites low and they will not appear on search results.

Yes, Google wants a user friendly site so that the experience of users will be wonderful and not horrible.

It got to Google’s notice that pop-ups and interstitials make user experiences bad.

If you want to monetize your website, please do not use pop-ups and interstitials. I will recommend you use Native banner ads because Google has no problems it Native banners.

Google went on to state that “Native banners fits into a site and is website friendly”.

  • Fix broken links and redirections on your site:

Google wants people to search and find their answers, so Google is against broken links and redirections.

A broken link is a link that takes you to no page. Once you click on such a link, it takes you to a blank page sometimes it writes “page not found or 404 errors”.

Google won’t rank your site if your links are broken. Google won’t direct a user to your site if your page has a broken link or no longer exists.

Also avoid redirections, your site shouldn’t redirect people to other websites.

  • Avoid copyright infringement:

If you’ve been following my articles, you will realize I always talk about copyright infringement.

If you use a DMCA protected work without the consent of the owner, you will receive a takedown notice from DMCA.

DMCA is a body against copyright and notices from DMCA can cause harm to your site if you use someone’s work without permission.

My post on All about DMCA and Copyright Infringement will explain more.

Before you use someone’s work, please ensure you’re granted permission. DMCA means Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

  • Improve your page speed:

Why are your pages not loading fast? Haven’t you heard of the w3 Total Cache plugin? This plugin is the best plugin to improve your page speed. Google won’t rank or display any website with a low page speed on its search results.

Make your pages load faster by using plugin to compress your images.

You can test all your urls on Google’s search console by using their inspection tool.

This tool was setup by Google for publishers to test their urls and know how fast their page loads.

  • Use the current version of PHP on your site:

You might not know what PHP means because your web host sets it up for you once your site comes online.

If you receive a message that says “a critical error was encountered while loading your page”, then that’s your PHP signaling you to use a compatible version.

If Google notices that something is wrong with your PHP, it won’t display your site on search results.

  • Do not buy fake backlinks, also look out for fake backlinks and remove them:

Backlinks are links linking to your site from other websites. Most times, attackers use fake backlinks to drag down your site.

There are tools on the web which can show you how many good and bad backlinks that are linking to your site. Check out semrush.

After using the tool to check for fake backlinks, contact the webmaster of the website through their contact page and tell him/her to remove those backlinks. Some webmasters will remove the link while some won’t.

If that step will be stressful, you can still use a tool to remove fake backlinks in other to avoid Google penalty.

One other factor that can cause too many backlinks is when you create a very nice article, people will like to link to your page and refer it to their readers too. 

  • Do not write thin contents:

Google sees a write up that does not have enough words, maybe up to 300 words as a thin content article.

If your page does not have up to 300-500 words, Google will find it difficult to rank your page because it believes that your page can’t satisfy a user seeking answers to his/her question.

Another is that you’re not the only blogger, there are so many bloggers out there writing up to 2,000 to 5,000 words in an article so Google will rank theirs before yours.

  • Chose a good web design:

Your web design can cause Google to demote your page.

You should choose a good web design that will make it easier for users to use your site. Protection Status

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