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Proven the Yoast Seo Is the Best seo Plugin

Proven the Yoast Seo Is the Best Plugin. Let me guess, you’re on this page because you want to know more about Yoast seo plugin?

Yoast seo plugin has proven to be the best seo plugin so far. If you’re using a wordpress platform, then definitely you need an seo plugin and the best option is Yoast.

This is not a paid article, I have been using Yoast seo as a blogger and I find it very easy to use.

Yoast seo plugin has a premium package and also a free package. If you’re new to blogging and you’re in search of a good seo plugin then you’re on the right page.

I know other plugins in the market such as rank math but I will not talk about those plugins, I will talk about only the Yoast seo plugin in this article.

What Does the Yoast Seo Plugin do?

The Yoast seo plugin is a plugin that helps you optimize your posts for search engines.

Yoast plugin does not generate traffic to your site, it only helps to prepare your post so that it can reach the search engine standard for search engines to crawl and index it easily.

This plugin helps submit your website to search engines too. This plugin was made in 2008 and is being used by so many websites in the world including my blog.

The main reason for this plugin is for you to outrank your competitors on the web when used efficiently.

Yoast seo plugin can help you with these:

Outrank your seo competitors

The Yoast seo plugin is here to help you outrank your seo competitors, that is the main reason for this plugin.

In the world of blogging, it’s all about competition and no blogger will want to rank low on search engines. Your competitors are those blogs which post or do the same thing you do or post, you share traffic with your competitors.

In other to outrank your competitors you have to follow strictly the procedures required by Yoast before you publish a post.

Before you publish a post, make sure your readability and seo analysis on Yoast gets a green bullet. See image,

Proven  the Yoast Seo  Is the Best seo Plugin

If after writing a post it doesn’t get a green bullet, all you have to do is to cross-check your article because Yoast will pinpoint those areas that needs to be reviewed.

In other to out rank your competitors, you can also subscribe to the Yoast premium package and Yoast will show you all the strategies you require to rank well on Google.

When you outrank your seo competitors, it means that Google will display your site on their first page and that’s what every blogger wants.

.Use FAQ

Yoast plugin has provided a space on your wordpress article for you to put in FAQ (frequently asked questions).

This FAQ helps in your seo but so many people do not know about this technique.

I will teach you how to use the Yoast seo FAQ.

After writing your article, all you have to do is to scroll to the down part of the search results and you’ll see keywords searched by users see image,

Proven  the Yoast Seo  Is the Best seo Plugin

all you have to do is to create an FAQ page and answer those questions in them separately. See how to create an FAQ page with yoast see image,

Proven  the Yoast Seo  Is the Best seo Plugin

After creating the direct answers for those questions, Google will notice that your page bears the answer to those questions and whenever a user types in such again; your page might appear on the front page of Google displaying the answers you provided.

This is how your FAQ page will look like on Google search results.

Proven  the Yoast Seo  Is the Best seo Plugin

This FAQ page will help you outrank your competitors because most of them don’t know about this.


For a newly created website, you have to submit your sitemaps to Google search console and you won’t find it difficult because Yoast seo plugin has already created sitemaps for you, all you have to do is to locate your already created sitemaps in Yoast, copy them and paste them in your Google search console account. I will teach you how to do it.

Login to yout wordpress dashboard,

click on SEO,

click on features,

then click on the question mark in xml sitemaps

and then click on see the xml sitemap.

After all these, you’ll see your sitemaps, copy them and then paste in your google search console see image,

Let us discuss a little about what sitemaps can do for you.

Sitemaps when submitted on Google search console will make it easier for Google to locate crawl and index pages on your site. Most times you don’t really need to submit a sitemap because on creation of a site, Google will notice and index the site.

Sitemaps too can help you remove some pages on Google if you don’t want those pages to be seen by Google although it’s not guaranteed.

If you don’t want pages to be seen by Google, all you have to do is to avoiding submitting those pages on your Google search console.

But refusing to submit some pages on Google doesn’t guarantee that Google won’t still crawl and index those pages.

These sitesmaps when created can also be used on search engines such as Bing. If you also want your newly created website to be found on Bing, all you have to do is to create an account on Bing and then submit those sitemaps created by Yoast.


Here we are what is robots.txt?

Robots.txt is a place on a website where we give search engine bots command whether they are to crawl our website or not.

Let me explain this, before a search engine bot crawls your page, it will first take a look at your robots.txt to know pages that it shouldn’t crawl.

Your robots.txt is located here, see image

Proven  the Yoast Seo  Is the Best seo Plugin

How does Yoast relate with your robots.txt? I know this might be the question on your mind.

Yoast comes into play here because it provides a special place on your wordpress where you can edit your robots.txt and give search engine bots instructions on what to do.

See image on how to locate your Robots.txt:

Login to your wordpress dashboard,

click on seo,

click on tools,

then click on file editor,

when it opens, you can now edit your robots.txt.

.Help you get noticed on all search engines

This seo plugin helps you get on search engines like Bing, yandex and Google by submitting their verification code to the space mapped out by Yoast.

Yoast plugin also helps you to tell search engines what your website is all about so that your website can get indexed easily.

Yoast will also help you set your Meta descriptions and also post title.

While using Yoast, you can never go off track all you need do is to target the green bullet for every post.

While creating an article, Yoast helps you to manage your readability; it helps optimize your post so that it can be easily crawled by Google.

Yoast can help you avoid duplicate contents

Duplicate contents can hurt your sites rankings because Google hates duplicate contents and it’s a treat to seo.

Once you have this Yoast plugin installed, it helps you manage duplicate contents and even 404 errors.

Yoast can also help you with structured data. This is how you structure your articles to be easily understood by search engines. Protection Status

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