Make Money Blogging for Beginners

Make Money Blogging for Beginners Step by Step Guide

Make Money Blogging for Beginners Step by Step Guide.

So many people have asked me this particular question, can someone make money blogging?

You can make money blogging and your income depends on your niche and how seriously you take your blog.

In this article, I won’t just show you some ways on how to make money blogging, I will also briefly state how to start a blog and follow up immediately in order to drive traffic, engage your audience and start making money.

This article is not just for beginner bloggers, you can also share it with your friends who are expert bloggers for them to get fresh ideas on how to engage their audience and drive traffic to their blog.

Like I will always say, making money from your blog depends on how serious you take your blog.

Before I start with making money blogging, let me walk you down on steps you need to follow to engage your audience and make them love your work.

.Start a Blog

The first step is to start a blog because without a blog you can’t make money blogging lol.

You can start a blog on WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Weebly.

I have written some posts on how to start a wordpress blog

Let’s not stress starting a blog much, let’s move on.

.Posting Frequency Matters

Try as much as you can to have a posting schedule, it will help Google rank your site and also help you to be an active blogger.

Follow your posting schedule seriously and try not to miss any day.

.Focus on Creating Contents That Will Change People’s Lives

A blog is never a blog without contents focused on creating useful contents on your blog..

Create original contents and try to provide answers your viewers seek that will make them come back to read more posts.

Create content that will change people’s lives because so many people out there need changes in their lives. It might be making money, relationship advice, parenting, or teaching any skill at all.

You will appreciate your efforts when it’s time to make money from your blog because people will trust and will feel like they know you.

In your posts, make sure you’re writing for your viewers to understand, not for seo.

.Start Finding Readers/audience

You have to let people discover your site, get readers to visit and read posts on your site.

This part is not so easy because you have to do a lot in order to make your site noticeable.

.Promote your social media accounts in order to get your audience

.Create backlinks from blogs relating to your blog

.Host webinars on social media platforms.

.Build a relationship With Your Audience

Building relationships with your audience is very necessary because it will get them to believe and trust you

Open the comment section so that they can comment and tell you what they feel and try your best to give them good replies.

Building relationships will help you when you want to sell stuff online or maybe an Ebook.

Sometimes you just have to make a live video call with your audience on your social media accounts and spend some time.

.Make Coaching Videos If Possible

Coaching videos makes it easier for your users who don’t like reading voluminous articles to just watch and learn.

Everyone won’t make videos, not all blogs require coaching videos.

Health blogs, relationship blogs, sewing and knitting blogs.

If your article requires making a video to demonstrate how to carry out a particular task then make that video.

.Make yourself Accessible

Let people contact and get you, if you have a contact form on your page then try as much as possible to reply messages so that your audience won’t look for other blogs that will give them quick answers.

Your blog should possess everything you need to get your audience addicted to reading your posts.

You can also put in your number for people who need fast action to call you on the phone.

Be kind over the phone and while replying to people it will help you go a long way.

How Bloggers Make Money

I have listed some ways by which bloggers make money, most of them are for beginner bloggers, there are also some means of making money when your blog goes pro.

Making money blogging is the number 1 dream of beginner bloggers and when you’ve not started making money, you won’t seem to be happy.

Making money as a blogger depends solely on your traffic.

If your traffic isn’t getting enough traffic then your income won’t be high.

Before you think of monetizing your traffic, make sure you’ve started receiving organic traffic.

Placing Ads and Advertising

Affiliate Income

Skill Acquisition Seminars/Conferences

Premium Tool


Consulting Services

Selling eBooks.

Placing Ads and Advertising

Placing ads on blogs is the first monetization step beginner bloggers take whenever they start receiving some traffic.

The best monetization network is Adsense because their cpc is high.

When you place ads on your site, you’re sure of at least some cents everyday or even a dollar depending on your blog traffic.

There are also other ads monetization means example and propeller ads

On the part of advertising, once people notice an increase in your traffic, they’ll want you to advertise their products on your site so that their products can come across a large audience.

It is left for you to approve or disapprove this but surely you will get your percentage when advertisers place adverts on your blog.

Like I stated earlier, these are the first steps beginner bloggers take when it comes to monetization.

Affiliate Income

This is a very nice means of making money from your blog.

Affiliate income is when you place a product from a commercial site like Amazon on your blog and when someone buys that product through your site, you get a percentage.

If you receive enough daily views then there are chances that people can stuff on Amazon through your site.

Things you should place on your site for affiliate income are things relating to your site e.g. if you run a music blog then it’s advisable you place products like headphones, speakers, music box etc.

Things relating to your site will also help your site grow and for your audience to know what your site is really about when it comes to purchasing stuff.

Skill Acquisition Seminars/Conferences

Whenever you host a skill acquisition conference or seminar, there is always a fee you should place for people who want to partake in the conference.

In this aspect, you will make money talking and answering questions directly from people.

Your income here depends on how many people attending your conference or seminar.

This conference can be done at least twice a year and there should be enough guest speakers so that you all can cover all aspects of blogging.

Premium Tool

Yes, you can build a tool that analyzes websites, the tool should go from free to premium just like Ubersuggest and Moz domain authority checker.

If your tool gives the correct information then people will go from free to premium and it means more money in your pocket.

Let your tool not just be only about the premium aspect if not, any people won’t subscribe because they want to first taste the tool before making payments.


You can offer coaching services and people will pay you to get their blogs on the top page of search engines.

Beginner bloggers who are determined to make will always need a coach.

If your niche is about some other thing that is not blogging, then you can also coach.

Consulting Services

Be an expert and let people consult you and pay for your services.

Consultancy can make you very popular around your niche.

If you run a relationship and dating advice blog then it’s time to let people reach out to you and find answers.

If your blog is also a law blog then you should teach and also let people get close to you.

Selling eBooks.

Making and selling eBooks can earn you a lot of income if you’re a good writer.

Choose the right topic for your eBook so that you can engage your audience fully.

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