How I left my music niche to become a blog coach

How I Left My Music Niche to Become a Blog Coach

How I Left My Music Niche to Become a Blog Coach.

This write up Is not just a story on how I learnt my lessons in my music niche but this story is mostly for beginner bloggers who don’t know anything about blogging and there are moral lessons to learn too.

What I’m about to tell the world is a true experience and I want anyone reading this post to learn from my mistake too.

In October 2019 I started picking interest in blogging but I really didn’t know where to start from because I’m a student and always busy with school activities.

My elder brother has a friend who owns a music download niche and he was earning a living from his niche so as a student I needed a part-time job where I can earn some money.

I decided with my elder brother to meet his friend so that I’ll learn how to blog and start my own blog.

I really wanted to create a music niche just like my brother’s friend because it was really paying him and I thought a music download niche is legal and accepted by Google.

That notwithstanding, a music niche is legit if you have the license to post songs but if you don’t have any license then you will keep on receiving takedown notices from DMCA (digital millennium copyright act) due to copyright claims.

I learnt how to start blogging because my brother’s friend helped me start a music niche.

I was not the one managing the blog due to strenuous school activities, my elder brother was the one managing the blog on my behalf.

In the first, second and third month my music niche was doing well and I started getting organic traffic.

I was enjoying this niche and thought it would last forever not knowing that Google had plans for me.

In April 2020 during the Covid 19 pandemic outbreak, I began to have issues on my blog and later realized that Google demoted my blog.

The first issue I noticed was that I lost my organic traffic from 17,000 visitors to 200 daily visitors.

It was very painful as I watched my traffic fall.

I couldn’t do anything because I had no idea on blogging as I was not the one managing it.

Before my traffic fell, I noticed improper activities on my blog and it made me uncomfortable so I began making research.


Things I noticed were:

.Pop-up ads were placed for monetization on my blog

As someone who was curious to detect why I lost my traffic, I started asking questions and I realized that Google dislikes Pop-up and Interstitial ads and having these ads on your site can lead to Google ranking demotion.

I never knew this because the man I was looking up to for coaching told me that there was no problem with Pop-up and interstitial ads.

I read some articles on Google and found out that Pop-up ads give bad user experience and shouldn’t be placed on a blog so I felt bitter for this.

.My blog was displaying a PHP error

When I noticed this, I told my brother to fix the PHP issue and he also told me that the man coaching him said nothing was wrong with PHP error.

I was uncomfortable because I read that Google wants a user friendly website but I couldn’t do anything about it.

.My blog was redirecting users

Have you ever read the Google webmaster’s guidelines?

Please if you’re a blogger read it because Google hates hidden links or a site that redirects users.

My music niche didn’t only redirect users but it redirected them to an online betting website.

.I started receiving DMCA takedown notices

My school was on a break due to the Covid 19 Pandemic so I told my brother to make me an admin on the site and he did so.

Immediately I became an admin, I contacted my developer and he fixed my PHP issue and stopped my site from redirecting users.

I visited and confirmed my account on Google search console and I noticed that my site had received 809 DMCA takedown notices and whenever your site receives much takedown notices Google will demote your site.

I felt so sorry after all these and now realized why everything happened.

Do you know that I didn’t earn a penny on my music niche after spending heavily on hosting?

For you to host a music niche that will  carry thousands of music, you need enough bandwidth, webspace and even cloud hosting and you know how much that will cost on a good web host.

Propeller ads banned my site.

When I noticed that my traffic fell and I wouldn’t earn enough, I started clicking on ads placed on my blog thereby generating fake traffic.

My site was now banned by Propeller ads and I was no longer able to withdraw the $83 I made so far..

That was how I lost it all.

After realizing my mistakes, I decided to coach beginner bloggers so that they won’t make a mistake while choosing a niche because making money as a blogger also depends on the niche you choose.

Secondly, Adsense cannot approve a music download niche that has no license because it is against the webmaster’s guidelines so you will have to look for another means of monetization but Adsense is the best because they pay well.

A music niche is good if you have a license to post songs.

If you don’t have any license then your website won’t be accepted by Google and you will struggle to get traffic.

Moral Lessons

.Always be sure of any career you choose in life.

Do not just choose a path because someone is making a living from it.

.Whenever you notice unusual activities on your blog, do well to report to your hosting provider because they might be of help and do not be carefree or presume nothing is wrong.

.Always try to know what is happening on your website even if you’re not the one managing it, don’t just leave your business in someone’s hands.

.The shortcut to success does not last so always try to follow the right procedure.

.Do not buy or create fake backlinks because fake backlinks also helped in destroying my music niche.

.Make sure you meet your fellow bloggers and try to find out you need to know as a blogger.

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