About Mikecollinsblog

What We Share On This Blog

This blog focuses mostly on career, Finance, Personal development, blogging tips and stories.

This blog was set up in order to coach and guide beginner bloggers to choosing a successful niche in their blogging career.

On this blog, I also receive stories from people and they make me the copyright owner so any article you see on this blog is originated from mikecollinsblog.com

How I got interested in becoming a blog coach

After creating my first blog which was a music niche, I now realized that there was more to blogging than just uploading songs.

What I want you all to understand is that a music niche is all about copyright and Google is against such blogs but you won’t have problems with Google if you have the license to posts songs.

I don’t want upcoming bloggers to make this mistake out of ignorance.

You blog on what you have passion for or what you know a lot about, you don’t blog because someone else is making it blogging.

You need to think about it before becoming a blogger because blogging is not a get rich fast scheme, it’s a consistent process and the good thing about it is that your consistency must pay, that’s certain.

Blogging is time consuming so you have to decide to either become a full-time or part-time blogger.

About the founder

Emeku Collins Chukwunenye a 200 level Law student of Abia State University Nigeria is the webmaster of mikecollinsblog.com.

Emeku Collins Chukwunenye believes everything is possible through hard work and won’t mind coaching upcoming bloggers both full-time and part-time to achieving their aim in life

Mikecollinsblog.com is a private blog and has only one admin.